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  • No contract
  • Free installation
  • 100% risk free trial
  • Nationwide service
  • Fixed price for 5 years

Oxbow Coolers is one of the principal suppliers of mains fed water dispensers and water boilers in the UK.

We have built a reputation for quality service to both large and small customers.

We offer mains fed water coolers, water boilers and a complete range of accessories to meet the needs of companies, schools and organisations of all sizes.

With nationwide coverage we are able provide our services wherever they are required.

Look what our clients say about us

Oxbow Coolers were in and out in no time. The cooler is such an improvement over the old bottled water we used to have, with no water bottles cluttering up the place.

Health and Safety Manager, Distribution Centre, Newport

I’d recommend everyone take the Oxbow team up on a free trial. Installation took no time at all and when I asked my staff if we should keep the cooler it was a resounding YES all round!

Managing Director, IT Support company, Bolton

It used to drive me crazy finding 3/4 full boiled kettles of water that nobody was using. With the eco boiler our bills have fallen and we’re making a difference to a greener environment.

Owner, Stationery company, London